It is estimated that $1.2Bn is spent on digital marketing throughout the MENA region each year, the question is how much of this is wasted due to ineffective ad setup and optimization decisions?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”

The advertising industry has moved on quite significantly since John Wanamaker’s time, and present day digital marketers are afforded access to significant volumes of data that facilitates the measurement and optimization of campaigns.

At inphota, we provide our partners with real-time conversion data to enable their media buying agencies to…

Many articles have been written on the topic of influencer fraud, with much frustration directed at those who seek to artificially inflate their following and number of comments. But what if we as an industry are creating such problems through commercial structures and measurement of success? It hardly seems fair to direct exasperation at those complying and operating within the model we created.

Like many forms of advertising, the outcome delivered will be directly linked to the quality of the brief, so what exactly are we asking influencers to achieve? …

Picture the scene: a brand has customer data, and a new product launch is imminent. Marketing campaigns are launched, everyone must know about product X!

Looking to build overall campaign reach it is tempting to re-target all known customers with messaging about the new product, measuring success in terms of likes, clicks and email opens. But what if we were to measure not in terms of those who do respond to a message but those who don’t?

It is unlikely that every customer will be interested in every single product that you offer, so by targeting them with every single…

In June, we completed a research study designed to help understand customers’ feelings towards key aspects of the industry’s recovery including expected changes to registration behaviour.

The study highlighted that it was likely to take some time to rebuild consumer confidence that has been eroded by cancellation of events and challenges obtaining refunds. With uncertainty around the likelihood of events taking place successfully and risk of further cancellations it was our belief that participants would delay registration until they were confident that their chosen event would take place.

Furthermore, the report highlighted that 37% of participants would prefer to wait…

After almost 5 months without events, participants have returned to a startline in the United Arab Emirates for the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Having supported the first running event to return to the region we were keen to learn more about the participants motivations to return and feelings towards key operational changes. Combining data from the inphota platform, Race Result timing system and responses to a post-event participant survey to build a greater understanding of who and why participants returned.

Providing a glimpse of the ‘new normal’ the Yas Mall Indoor Run incorporated a number of operational…

As eCommerce grows and captures a larger share of the total retail market in the UAE, it is important to consider the main barriers to completing a purchase online with the view to providing better consumer experiences in the journey from product discovery to consumption.

Prior to launching an eCommerce platform in the UAE to facilitate event registrations, inphota, completed a study of 5,200 UAE residents to help identify limiting factors and barriers to completing online purchases where consumers have to make a conscious purchasing decision.

This report, summarizing the themes that emerged from within the research combined with experience…

The impact of COVID-19 on the mass-participation event sector has been widespread with thousands of events postponed or even cancelled completely. The disruption has been felt by event organizers of all sizes and although the negative impact has been widely acknowledged, a major question remains; how and when will the industry recover?

With access to thousands of runners, triathletes and cyclists who have actively participated in events within the past 12 months, inphota conducted a survey* designed to help understand current athlete sentiment in relation to the return of mass participation events with the objective of generating insights regarding customers’…

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